Ways to Expand Your Tutoring Services


Although the job of a tutor requires much thought and consideration, it is a rewarding endeavor. Once you have helped a student achieve their potential, you may have the desire to reach more struggling students. You may feel overwhelmed with where to start so this article provides a few tips on how you can expand your tutoring services.

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Revealing your Value 

The first step you should ensure is that you have an accredited tutoring certificate, which will allow you to show potential clients your qualifications and share your test scores as well. Another way to show your value is to share client testimonials. You could also work part-time at a tutoring center to increase your exposure and experiences as well as refine your tutoring skills. Make sure you have all these documented as evidence for your potential clients. 

Create a Website

A good way to reach new clients is to create your website. When potential clients visit your website, they will be assured that your tutoring business is legitimate. Therefore, this is an effective method to attract new clients with whom you have no connection. This will also help your business not to rely solely on word-of-mouth marketing. This is also where you could state exactly what credentials you have to tutor.

Offer Your Services at Nearby Schools

Schools are a great place to find potential clients. One disadvantage would be that primary and high schools are hesitant to let outsiders into their schools. However, you can rather contact the front desk or ask them to place your fliers on their notice boards or have your business details printed in the school newsletter. 

Ask Friends and Family

You don’t have to ignore word-of-mouth advertising as it still has its purpose completely. So, asking family and friends to contact anyone who has children who are struggling in school and offer your services, is a good method to get the word out. 

Ask Existing Clients to Refer You

Your client base is the perfect form of evidence of your work. You can start your first session by suggesting that they will refer a student to you if their grades improve. They will enjoy rising to the challenge. Another method you may use is to offer incentives for every referral. So, when your client brings in a referral, you can offer them a free class or a discount for the month depending on what you would like to reward them with. Any advertising, however, would be worthless if the tutoring services you are providing are not of exceptional quality. 

Promote Yourself on Your Local Facebook Groups

Facebook is also a good option to advertise your services. Not only is it available worldwide, but it is also likely that you will find local groups. So it helps you reach potential clients in your area.

Overall, as a tutoring service, you must build valuable partnerships. This includes parents, teachers, and schools. You will ensure that your business reaches your potential clients by investing in digital marketing. 

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