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Do you ever feel like you can’t catch a break and “the man” is keeping you down?  I know this is how I used to feel when it came to my Netflix Canada account. Not anymore, because I’ve found a simple way to get American Netflix In Canada.  Yes, the much bigger and much better Netflix USA.

You see, although I’m a proud Canadian, I felt like I was getting the short end of the stick when I moved back to Canada after living in America for close to a decade.

If you have ever had the chance to browse the American Netflix library, either on a vacation or if you ever lived in America, it’s clearly many (many many) times better than the Canadian Netflix library.

There is no real way to know as Netflix stopped releasing the number of titles available in each country after there was a massive public outcry when Netflix was finally offered in Canada and there were about 7,500 shows available.  This may sound like a lot of TV shows and movies but our neighbours south of the border in America had access to possibly 750,000 titles!

It’s estimated that the American Netflix library could be up to 10 times bigger than its Canadian counterpart.

When I first heard that as a Canadian Netflix subscriber, I was upset and you should be too!

Once you’ve experience the US Netflix content library you can never go back.  Its kinda like the first time you experience broadband internet speeds….good-bye dial-up internet.  We’ll its a similar experience between the US and Canadian Netflix’s libraries.

I always thought to myself that there had to be a way to get the American Netflix in Canada… I just had to figure it out.

One day, I finally decided that I couldn’t stand it any longer.  So I spend hours researching if/how it was possible to unblock US Netflix in Canada.  I tried a few solutions that didn’t work until I finally found one that did.

I won’t bore you with the nitty, gritty details behind my many failed attempts, but I am very proud to say that I figured out an incredibly simple, yet effective, way to watch the American Netflix in Canada.

What’s even better is that this method also works for other great websites that are typically blocked to anyone outside of the USA.  I’m talking about sites like Hulu, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and so many more.  But, this guide is about getting Netflix USA in Canada so let’s get into how it’s done.

Instructions To Get American Netflix In Canada laptop or computer

Before doing anything, you need a powerful software that can help to virtually reside in the USA.  If Netflix “thinks” you are located in the USA, they give you full access to their MUCH BIGGER MUCH BETTER American Netflix Library.

In order to unblock US Netflix you need a VPN software.  I recommend getting signed up with HMA.  HMA has over 280 (and counting) US based proxy server locations for a rock solid, reliable service.

I have personally been using HMA to unblock US websites and watch American Netflix for over 2 years now.

To get signed up with HMA they will need a few basic details for you to become a member.  Then you get to choose how much money to save!

I suggested signing up for the 12 month deal since you are then getting this incredible software for only $6.55 per month. That’s a 43% savings from their month to month plan!  So for the cost of a Vente Starbucks Latte and a cookie each month, you get a MASSIVE upgrade to your Netflix account…..done deal!

HMA has a generous 30 day money back guarantee.  Try it for up to 30 days and if you don’t love it, you can get your money back with ZERO HASSLES.

Here’s what the HMA Sign Up Form looks like:

HMA Sign Up Form

Once you’re an HMA member, you get full access to the member’s only area.  The best thing about the member’s only area is HMA’s Pro VPN download.

HMA Download To Get American Netflix In Canada

Just select the download that matches your computer’s operating system….it’s really just that simple.

Follow HMA’s download instructions and then let the software download run.

Once the download is complete, find it, open it and install it.

Again, it’s pretty darn simple and you just need to follow HMA’s install instructions.

Now that the software is installed on your computer, you can use your personal username and password (obtained during sign up) to login to the software.

Next you must select any individual US city or better yet choose the “random closest 10 US cities”.

Pick American Location to Watch American Netflix in Canada

Hit the Green “Connect To VPN” button and You’re Done.

Once  you’re fully connected to HMA’s proxy system you can head on over to Netflix, login and you’ll notice that the streaming content library is the much much bigger USA Netflix.

Instruction For Getting Netflix USA In Canada iPad or iPhone

There’s an app for that!

This app makes getting the US version of Netflix on your iOS device very easy.  Its made by HMA which is the Pro VPN I have personally been using now for over 2 years.

So I was excited when HMA recently came out with their very own iOS app.  Before the app, setting up HMA on your iPhone or iPad was…a tiny Hassle BUT not anymore.  This app makes things super easy.

Before you can use this app though, you need to become an HMA member.  The good news is that becoming an HMA member is easy and you’ll get some great pricing options.  I recommend the 12 month option since it’s the best monthly deal at only $6.55 per month.  Heck, it cost more for a Vente Latte and a cookie at Starbucks!

Also take note of HMA’s fantastic 30 day month back guarantee.  I personally doubt you’ll need this because I have been a happy HMA customer for well over 2 years now.

Check out a screenshot of how easy it is to get signed up:

HMA's Easy Sign Up Form

Once you signed up with HMA you will need to download their HMA app on your iPhone/iPad and you’ll also need the Netflix app.  These are both easily found in the iTunes app store and they are simple to install.  Find them, install them.

Now to make the installation of the HMA app easy we have provided step by step instructions in picture form.  So just follow the screen shots step by step to get HMA installed and set up on your iOS device.


Just make certain you have your HMA app both installed and running BEFORE entering your Netflix app.  That way the Netflix app will “think” you are virtually located in the USA thus showing you all the sweet American Library Content.

Instruction On How To Get American Netflix In Canada on Android

The first step to getting the American Version of Netflix on your Android is to get a software that makes Netflix “think” you are located in the USA.

HMA is a VPN that does a fantastic job at this.  It’s so good in fact I have personally been a satisfied customer for over 2 years AND I recommended it to my mom (and you ONLY recommend the best to you mum if you know what’s good for you ;-))

In order to use HMA on your Android based device you will need to be an HMA member.  So first things first, head on over to HMA and get signed up.

It’s easy to sign up with HMA and what’s even better is how little it costs.  Seriously at $6.55 per month we’re talking about less than most McDonald’s value meals….it’s a great deal.

If you are just not sure…then I suggested at least trying Risk Free, with HMA’s excellent 1 month refund policy, you can’t lose.

Screenshot of HMA’s Sign Up Form:

HMA's Membership Sign Up Form

The way to get HMA onto your Android based mobile device takes a few steps but it’s as simple and pushing a few buttons on the screen.  Plus, this detailed instruction is going to show you each screenshot and give you a step by step process that is easy to follow.

 Remember Members Only!

After getting all signed up, you can login to access your HMA (members only) PPTP VPN list.

To get to this list you first need to login.

HMA Main Login Screen

You’ll use your personal Username and Password and you’ll go directly to HMA’s main control panel.

Find the PPTP Servers option on the list of options located on the very left of your screen.

Main Control Panel

After selecting the PPTP link, HMA takes you to the members only PPTP VPN list.

First take note of the first #1 arrow below. This is your “special” PPTP username and password (Note: this password is different from your main Login password for security purposes!). All you need to do here is write them both down cuz you going to need them when setting the PPTP up on Android Smartphone.

Now, you’re going to choose one number from the long list of available PPTP IP addresses. (Don’t choose the very first number on the list for your chosen city!!! Pick a number that down the list a ways for best results).

HMA VPN Password

Once you’ve written down a PPTP VPN number and your unique username/password from HMA’s website , it’s time to guide you (with pictures!) on how to get your Android based phone setup for streaming American Netflix.

You’ll find the VPN setup options in the phone’s main settings options…

Inital Settings

Select “VPN” (note, with some phone models you might have to choose more first to then see the VPN option).


Find the “VPN” option and then select it.


Next, select “Add VPN network”

Add VPN Network

It’s now time to give your mobile VPN network a name.  I suggest using the city as the name.

For example “New York” or “Detroit” etc.

This will help later when/if you set up a couple of different mobile VPN’s to choose from.


Next, you’ll need to have the PPTP option checked (see above)

Now it’s time to use that HMA PPTP number that you wrote down initially into the “Server Address” box.

Choose to “SAVE”.

This saved VPN (labelled HMA below) should now be an option in your list.

HMA in list

Ok now select your newly setup VPN, (for this example it would be the HMA one but for you it’ll be whatever you decide to call it).  It should ask for your HMA username and password.

NOTE: the username IS your HMA ‘s account username BUT your password IS NOT YOUR HMA ACCOUNT PASSWORD!!

Remember that weird password we wrote down a few steps back (the one with the big red #1 from above).  That’s the password you need to enter here.

Connect Screen

Just enter these 2 pieces of info and hit connect.

Let that work for a minute and once you’re connected you should see an icon that looks somewhat like a key in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

VPN Connected1

Now you can use your Netflix app to watch the American Version of Netflix from Canada.

Instruction On How To Get American Netflix In Canada on Smart TV

In order to get HMA on your HDTV you will need to connect your computer or mobile device (iPhone / iPad / Android Smartphone, etc) to your Smart TV.  Nowadays, there is one very easy way to do this, which I highly recommend.   So I’ll go ahead and show you this simple solution and for anything more complex, feel free to post a comment or email me and I can definitely help (I’ve seen/tried nearly all connection types).

If you are planning on using the following operating systems:

1) Chrome Internet Browser (from your computer)

2) Android

3) iPad/iPhone

Then I highly recommend that you invest in the amazing Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player. This is the easiest and cheapest way to send your WIFI device over to your HDTV (only works with HDTV’s with USB plugin, but most Smart TV’s have that nowadays!).

You just plugin in the Chromecast device, sync it with the mobile device of your choice and that’s it.  Since you have HMA on your mobile device (see operating system instructions above) then you can now watch American Netflix In Canada onto your Big Screen TV.

 Congrats! You Have Just Learned How To Get Netflix USA In Canada

Yes, it’s that simple.  After you have connected to one of HidMyAss’s 500 servers (and counting) across the United States you can log into your current Canadian Netflix account yet have access to the shows that are normally only available in the United States.

Prepare yourself for a very different experience as the library of available shows now available is increased significantly!

Some of the most popular shows that are only available on the American Netflix library are Good Will Hunting, 30 Rock, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Memento, Mythbusters, Scrubs, Sons of Anarchy, The Office and Wilfred.  But remember, the American library is 3 to 10 times bigger than the Canadian library so your options have become huge.

To recap: sign up and download HideMyAss.  Connect to one of the 500+ proxy servers that HideMyAss has in the USA.  Log into your current Netflix account and enjoy the massive US Netflix library now available at your fingertips.

Will this work forever?  Honestly, I don’t know.  It has worked like a charm for the past 3+ years and if you think about how HideMyAss works, by creating a secure and encrypted connection between you and one of their US-based servers, it’s very unlikely that this will stop working one day.

The beauty of this method is its simplicity.  All that is being done is HideMyAss will securely encrypt your internet connection and run it through one of their servers before visiting the website you’re trying to access.  This way, the site you’re trying to access will see that the request is being made from the US based server and will gladly let you access that site and all the glorious US Netflix content.

So, is HideMyAss free?  Unfortunately not… but I will say this (and hopefully HideMyAss doesn’t read this):  I would pay more than 5 times what they charge.  The return you get on your small investment into HideMyAss is incredible.  I wish all of my investments over-delivered as much as HideMyAss does!

Like I mentioned before, you will not only be able to access the American version of Netflix in Canada, you will also be able to access other great sites like Hulu, Pandora, Spotify and more.  All of which are chalked full of amazing content that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you in Canada.

Isn’t HideMyAss great!

I wanted to build this website and write this guide so more Canadians who are feeling like they are being taken advantage of by “the man” could know that they too can access the much larger US Netflix library after they knew this one simple trick.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or want to just say hi… please leave a comment below.

If this guide answers your question “how do i get US Netflix in Canada”, can you please take a minute to return the favour and help me out?  Can you please send a link to this guide to 3 (or more) of your friends who might benefit from this guide as well.  Thanks so much in advance!

Don’t let the rest of your fellow Canadians be left in the dark.  Please share this guide with them on Facebook and tweet it out to your followers on Twitter to share how to make Canadian Netflix American.  Every Canadian should know how to get American Netflix in Canada.

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