What’s New On Netflix Canada?

Whats-New-Netflix-CanadaThat’s a good question but since the Canadian Netflix Library is so limited it’s the wrong question to ask.

The right question is: How do I get the American Version of the Netflix Library from Canada?

The reason I mention this is if you could use your current  Canadian Netflix account and find a simple way to get the US Netflix Library would that interest you?

Well, it should since the USA Netflix Library is estimated to have up to 10 times more streaming content than the Canadian streaming content.

Then you won’t ever have to wonder “What’s New On Netflix Canada” ever again because you’ll have so many options to choose from that your new question will be “What the heck should I start watching first”!   AND in my opinion that is a much better question to be asking.

What’s even better about this is that like I said earlier it’s very easy to do and thousands of fellow Canadians are doing this every single day.

All you need is a high quality VPN (I recommend HMA!) that allows you to take a digital “virtual” visit to the United States.  A VPN is used by millions and millions of people and business to help encrypt their data.  The added benefit of VPN’s is that they give your computer (or mobile device) a new location address.  So if you “look” like you are physically located in the states, then Netflix unlocks the Much Bigger, Much Better American Netflix Library.

I have written a hassle free American Netflix In Canada guide that shows you step by step (with pictures) on how to make this a reality.

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