Netflix USA vs Netflix Canada

Want some idea of what all the USA vs Canadian Netflix streaming library noise is all about?

Well let’s just share a few of titles that you are missing out on if you only have access to the Canadian version of Netflix….ready?

Alright let’s start out with a movie that I personally love….The Kings Speech

That’s a pretty recent movie that I recommend for anyone.  I really enjoyed it a lot.

How about the “Sons of Anarchy” TV series?  Its available in the US Netflix but NOT in the Canadian one.

South Park?  That 70’s Show? 30 Rock? Battlestar Galactica?  All on US and NOT in Canada.

Ok let’s just list a bunch more to give you a sense of what you are missing out on….

Adaptation, Alley McBeal, American Horror Story, Blue Mountain State, Brick, Capote, Cheers, Crash, Dawson’s Creek, Deadliest Catch, Deperate Housewives, Dirty Jobs, Dumbo, Everybody Loves Raymond, Fraiser, Good Will Hunting, Greek, Grey’s Anatomy, Grizzly Man, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Jersey Shore, King of the Hill, Law & Order, Legends of the Fall, Lie To Me, Lonesome Dove, Malcolm in the Middle, Man vs Wild, Maverick, Meerkat Manor, Merlin, Memento, My So Called Life, Mythbusters, Nip/Tuck, Once Upon A Time, One Tree Hill, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, Platoon, Reno 911!, Rescue Me, Saved By The Bell, Scrubs, Skins, Survivorman, Teen Mom, The Artist, The Cider House Rules, The Graduate, The League, The Office, The Pianist, The Twilight Zone, The West Wing, The Wonder Years, This Is Spinal Tap, Trainspotting, Twin Peaks, Wilfred

THIS IS NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LIST….It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Its has been estimated by some that there are over 8000 more titles on the US Netflix Streaming Library than the Canadian one.    Plus just by scanning the list provided above, these are not old, crummy movies or non-name TV series.  These are high quality movies and shows that you can have, it you just know how to do it.

Seriously for just a quick scan of some decent movies/show there’s a lot here to like.

So if you live in Canada and have a Netflix account, you are missing out.  Fortunately, I have a simple to follow, no hassle guide on How To Get American Netflix From Canada.


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