Netflix Canada Movie List

Is-Netflix-Canada-Worth-ItIf you’re like me, then your probably thinking that the Netflix Canada options leaves much to be desired.

There just isn’t much “good” content to select from.  I’m sorry, but old movies with actors I’ve never heard of is not something I’m interested in paying for.

Quick Story:  As a proud, loyal Canadian I got to spend a few years in the US.  Since then I’m glad to be back in the Great White North and to be honest, there’s really not all that much I miss about the USA…except for one thing.

I miss the US Netflix Content Movie List.


The two Netflix’s just don’t even come close to comparing.  I wrote a post with a bunch of US based Netflix movies/shows that are frustratingly absent from our Canadian Netflix Streaming Library.

However, there is a silver lining to all this depressing news.   I have found a fast, easy and reliable way to get the American Netflix from Canada.  Yes it’s not free 🙁 but its pretty darn reasonable.  I think you’ll agree that the upgrade is worth it.

Its one of those things in life that once you discover what you’ve been missing out on all this time…your ruined for life.  Sorry, it’s just true, now that I’ve experience the Much Bigger, Much Better American Netflix, there is no going back.

It’s kinda like when I first experience broadband internet after years of dial up.  You just CAN’T GO BACK!

Hey, this is kinda the same feeling.

So if your interested (I’ve warned you, after this you won’t want to go back) then read my guide on How to Get The US Netflix Library From Canada.

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