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In3Tagen Website For CanadiansCanadians have been getting the shaft for much too long.  Seriously, the group here at In3Tagen has decided its time to level the Canadian / USA playing field.  The area that frustrates us most is the difference between the Netflix and American Libraries.

These 2 libraries look nearly identical to the untrained eye but not to the 3 of us at In3tTagen.  We believe that the internet was created to break down digital boundaries not to increase them.  This is our motivation for creating this site.

A site that helps all fellow Canadians get the American Version of Netflix In Canada.

In3Tagen has spent many hours talking with fellow Canadians and we understand your frustrations.  We also know that not everyone is computer savvy and some fo us could us a bit of instruction in order to learn how to get American Netflix in Canada a reality.

We encourage you to check out guides and read our posts.  Also, don’t hesitate to contact the In3Tagen team at any time via the comments section.  We will we happy to get back with you and answer any of the questions you may have.

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